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Regular Clients, Audio Samples & Testimonials:

www.theacademy.me.uk - regular click track recording, backing tracks and track editing for live shows.  

www.cyp.co.uk - we produced an audio cd for worldwide release on iTunes, www.amazon.co.uk , www.kidsmusic.co.uk and Early Learning Centres around the UK.  

www.playhouseharlow.com - at Woodbury Studios we have produced the music and recorded click tracks for several Pantomimes and productions including Bugsy Malone, Caberet, East and A Midsummer Nights Dream.  

www.rhodesbishopsstortford.org.uk - regular clients for music production and click track recording for their popular Christmas Pantomimes.  

www.willowsfarmvillage.com - another regular client of ours that we produce the music and record vocals for their live theatre shows and attractions.  

www.quinny.com - original music production for the release of a new product.   www.dorel.co.uk - commissioned to produce and original promo track for a new product release by Quinny.  

www.makin-steps.co.uk - we teach one on one singing, piano and group singing lessons for Makin’ Steps students plus we have produced many live shows from Harlow to London’s West end.  

www.walkonthewildsideentertainment.com - regular clients that we record voice overs for their animal puppets and provide custom backing tracks for.  

www.emilyestelle.co.uk - classical vocal demo sessions for digital promotion.  

www.thehomesteadtrust.com - Jane Walker and her family recorded a 13 track album to raise money for Swaziland. This is available to purchase on iTunes and Amazon.  

www.facebook.com/libbimacgregormusic - Libbi MacGregor wanted some simple videos to upload to YouTube from songs off her Christian album.  

www.logansstation.co.uk - we have been producing several original tracks for Rob and Tony from Logan’s Station including a 3 track EP and Christmas song. The EP is now available to purchase from iTunes and Amazon.  

www.michellekingmusic.net - we produced and co-wrote 5 original tracks for Michelle to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and the Alzheimer's Society.  

http://www.sallyhumphreysproductions.com - we were asked to edit and produce the music for London’s West End theatre production of Little Charley Bear.  

http://www.stellamanncollege.co.uk - Stella Mann had a dance performance at the annual show Move It at London’s Olympia www.moveitdance.co.uk We edited the music to fit the routing and recorded the tap dancers so they could be heard during the live show.  

http://www.pqacademy.com/locations/bishops-stortford/ - Principal Lee Ellaway contacted us for advice about some audio cables and equipment that they needed. We sourced and supplied this for them to help with their new projects.