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Our Recording Studio

Woodbury studios were professionally designed by www.studiopeople.com, whose consultants have many years of audio electronics design experience plus many more specifically in the design of audio and television recording facilities. The quality and finish of this facility is a reflection of our continual pursuit of perfection in all our work, from a simple song edit to full composition of multi-artist albums.

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The Control Room

The control room has been beautifully crafted, primarily as the perfect listening environment but it can also be used as an additional recording area.

The relaxed feel to the room and the silent air conditioning make it the perfect place to be creative. A custom-made, ergonomically designed workstation houses the C24 control surface and supports the very accurate PMC TB2 monitors for critical listening. Our fully weighted, 88-note midi controller has excellent sight lines of both the booth recording area and the rural views of the Hertfordshire countryside through the triple lined isolation windows.

Isolation Booth

The booth has been designed primarily as vocal/instrument recording area, but this can additionally be used for isolating and controlling amps when live tracking.

Air conditioning keeps you comfortable, while the countryside views keep you inspired and sight lines into the control room keep you connected.

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Other Facilities

Our comfortable waiting/chill-out area is fully equipped with a modern kitchenette including complimentary refreshments, satellite TV & Radio and free WiFi.

We offer safe and secure parking with CCTV.

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