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Recent News:

Stella Mann College were back at Woodbury Studios this week recording more tracked vocals and tap parts for their performances in this years Move It at Olympia.  

Simon Allen - Sound Engineer has been busy mixing more Audio Network tracks for composer Paul Mottram. A great collaboration of musicians, engineers and studios with the orchestral parts by the English Session Orchestra recorded at Abbey Road Studios, the drums recorded by legend Ralph Salmins at his own studio 'The Bunker' and guitars recorded here at Woodbury Recording Studios by Pete Callard.

***Check out one of our latest video productions***
This one is a showreel for the talented Mary Cameron - www.marycameron.co.uk
Produced by Ross Simpson - Record Producer and Woodbury Recording Studios.
Thanks to JJ Locations for the use of their wonderful location for the shoot.


Our very own pair of Flare Audio's incredible new R1 reference headphones! These are the ones that Ross Simpson - Record Producer reviewed in Audio Media magazine in Dec 2014. 
If you missed it you can find it on page 32 here: http://www.audiomedia.com/Archives/AM%20December%202014%20Digital.pdf


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